Truck North

“I would have laughed if you told me the last pick of the draft would be the man when a few years passed.”

Last week at this time we were in studio with Truck North.  In between Closed Session work, Truck and BJ shared a lot of dope stories of Philly Hip Hop, music in general, as well as what’s coming up next for Truck.  What’s next is a new mixtape with DJ Bear-One, I Told You So…Truck also has a project with Khrysis in the works, as well as more work with Mikkey Halsted.  If you did not get Truck and Bear’s previous effort, Truck Jewels, you need to…You also need to get this new Truck joint, “Jill Jawn”…No hook, no filler…

Truck North: “Jill Jawn”