Twin Peaks Revival Expands to 18 Episodes, Reunites with David Lynch

The Twin Peaks revival faced a huge roadblock in its quest to return last month when series creator/director David Lynch walked out on the production over money disputes with Showtime. At the time, it seemed like all was lost for the cult favorite TV series, with many questioning who was truly at fault over the breakup. However, a few weeks ago, Lynch and Showtime were able to settle their differences and re-negotiated a new contract.

For Twin Peaks fans, the news continues to get better. Not only is Lynch returning to direct all nine episodes that were originally ordered, the episode order for the season has doubled to 18 episodes. Rumors about Lynch’s departure swirled about his vision extending past the original nine episode order, and the announcement all but confirms the source of conflict. As I said at the time, “…with some like Lynch, anything less than full commitment would probably garner a weaker product,” and that appears to be very true in this instance.

Situations like this are rare in the entertainment industry, but it’s great to see Showtime understands and respects Lynch’s artistic vision. Hopefully, this whole situation will be nothing more than a curious footnote come the show’s return.

[via /Film]

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