Tyler, The Creator

On the surface, this song has a lot of potential, especially with the trio of Lil’ Wayne, Game, and Tyler, The Creator.  And while you may look at the title and be a little puzzled like, ‘if Wayne is a martian, and Tyler is the Goblin, what is Game? And why is the song just titled “Martians Vs. Goblins”?  Well, don’t think about it too hard.  Truth is, Game doesn’t really show up on this track, instead he jumps feet first into Tyler’s world of famous people fantasies, vandalism, and ‘what will he say next’ isms.  And you know what, he’s not very good at it.  While Pusha T collaborated with Tyler for success on “Trouble On My Mind”, Game fails.  His style and pattern come off as an attempt to jack some Odd Future fans, and Tyler shows him up while playing as the home team.  Any “vs.” going on here is entirely one-sided as Tyler makes better Dr. Dre references, and Lebron James jokes.  Wayne hardly as any contribution, simply providing a one line hook declaring his martian-ness.  Do yourself a favor and find an edited version that’s just intro/tyler verse/outro. Game over.



Game: “Martians vs. Goblins” feat Tyler, The Creator and Lil’ Wayne

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via The Fader