Vakill wrapped up his new album last weekend, closing out with a final session Saturday night at SoundScape studios.  His labelmate, Scheme, just sent over the tracklist for the new record, which will feature Crooked I, Nino Bless, Astonish, Juice, and Rhymefest as well as production from Panik, Jake One, and others.  I’m not sure when this slated to drop, but I’m sure I’ll find out.  I gotta hit Mike and take a listen to these tracks.  See the full tracklist below.


Vakill: Armor of God

1. Intro

2. Armor of God (produced by Jake One)

3. Beast Ballad feat. Juice, Rhymefest, Nino Bless and Crooked I (produced by Panik)

4. Sick Cinema (produced by Panik)

5. Heavy (produced by Panik)

6. Endless Road feat. Vizion (produced by MGI)

7. Armorgeddon (Shit On You) (produced by Jake One)

8. I Came 4 U (produced by Panik)

9. Wild Wild (produced by Bluntologist)

10. The Apology (produced by Joe Blow)

11. NWA (Nigga Wit Appetite) (produced by Panik)

12. Lynch (produced by Croup)

13. Mean Mug Muzik (produced by Panik)

14. You Don’t Know (produced by Panik)

15. Bi-Polar (produced by Panik)

16. Proof (produced by Jake One)

17. God Given feat. Juice and Astonish (produced by Panik)