Vic Mensa & Chance The Rapper: “Suitcase”

Photo by Bryan Lamb

It’s been one hell of a year for Save Money artists Vic Mensa & Chance The Rapper. Both dropped projects that vaulted each to the forefront of the hip-hop world with individually unique approaches to the art form that have captivated listeners across the country. Last night, the pair dropped a loosie single titled “Suitcase”, appropriate given the amount of time each has spent one the road and traveling throughout 2013. The funky beat from Cam Osteen paces the backdrop for Chance’s deliberate word play and Vic’s silky smooth bars that are reminiscent of the off-kilter futuristic projection theme from his September 30 release Innanetape. On “Suitcase”, he rhymes: “What if I was a newlywed, with a newborn of two weeks, and my flight to the UK crashed in the Yukon, and I woke up on a distant beach, with a peach in my mouth, sand in my hair and no shoes on-where am I?” Chance picks things up, singing the chorus of “Hit The Road Jack” in his nasally, whispering voice. As the most recent track since the longtime friends got together on “Tweakin'” off Innanaetape, it provides a solid platform from which each shows what they do best. Chance has gotten well-acquainted with his suitcase over the past two months while out on his headlining “Social Experiment” tour, and Vic will pack his bags soon for a tour with Disclosure, “Suitcase” may be a very fitting theme song. Check it out below.

Jake Krzeczowski

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