Vic Mensa releases ‘Free Love’ ft Lil B, Malik Yusef, Halsey and Le1f

Chicago’s own Vic Mensa released ‘Free Love’ over the weekend. In a post all across his social media platforms, Mensa explains his release.

Mensa on ‘Free Love’

“What a moment in time. Love is under attack from all angles. I saw a photo on CNN of 49 birds flying over a vigil they were holding in Orlando for the 49 souls lost at Pulse nightclub. John Lennon once said he didn’t fear death, he considered it to be like getting out of one car into another. In the midst of such horrid tragedy, I found beauty in that image. It’s stuck with me ever since…Looking at the world around me, I realize now that as a creature of love, the battles of all people fighting to love are also mine. And I will stand with them. Will you?”

Mensa is addressing the attack on a gay Orlando nightclub, Pulse. Which resulted in killing 49 people and injuring dozens more. For the full text visit here.

Mensa recuits Chicago’s Malik Yusef, Le1f, Halsey, and Lil B. Respectfully these artists all show their support for the victims of the Orlando attack while supporting Mensa’s message of free love for all.

Listen to the song below.

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