[Video] Cody DeCamry: “Queen Haze”

Cody DeCamry has been creating a buzz for himself across the crowded Chicago landscape with his multi-dimensional talents of singing, rapping and adding something on the production side of things. Having spent most of 2013 and the summer working out of Kimball House on the city’s northwest side, working with in-house producer Netherfriends and hustling shows across the city, DeCamry drops “Queen Haze” today before heading back to the studio for the Fall/Winter to begin work on a new sound. I was able to catch up with DeCamry for a quick chat about the video while at the Kimball House studios the other day, read below.

Jake: Tell me a little bit about the video and how it came together.

Cody: Well the song is actually one I did awhile ago, it’s with this producer named Chuck Daly out of Detroit. He had heard a track that I had did and then he flipped the sample and came up with something completely different and so I just kind of remixed the original version of the song. Created that, “Queen Haze”, and recorded all of that down here at Kimball House.

Jake: The video, along with several of your visuals has a sort of Superfly aesthetic to it.

Cody: My whole personality is mainly trying to be chill and relaxed, with this video I almost had the idea of “Three’s Company” type of thing: me living in a house with a bunch of women around and I’m just going about the everyday routine, you know? This is just what we do everyday, just a little bit of livin’. And honestly, life is kind of like that for me right now, all three at the same time and shit. It’s a kind of song that relays another side of me that people might not really know and just kind of representing what I want out of life.

Jake: And what’s up next for Cody DeCamry, what’re you working on?

Cody: I had a project I was going to drope but I didn’t like the end product, so I’m just going to release a few singles off of that, I got one more coming up with Chris Crack called “Gucci” that I’m dropping, maybe in November we’ll have the official track to follow that. And then I’m just really working on trying to find some new sounds personally. I feel that I’ve almost trapped myself with everything that’s going on where things have just been too chill and I’m ready to pick it back up, bring some more energy and get ready to turn up again. It’s a lot of listening to beat stems, seeing what ideas I have and listening to different textures, really just exploring right now.

Jake Krzeczowski

Jake Krzeczowski is a writer based in Chicago. Since graduating from the University of Iowa in 2012 he has written for the likes of The Chicago Sun Times, Complex Magazine, and Elevator Magazine.

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