Dyme-A-Duzin & Sheriff PJ come from the NY collective Phony Ppl who was introduced to me by the next Diddy in the making Thiz. I swear everytime they play a show I am nowhere near New York but I vow to myself I will get to see them live before it is at MSG. Being from New York it has been great to see a group of kids stirring up this much buzz with such a diverse style of music. In the days where we get to watch Lil Wayne trying to become Beyonce and belting vocals on tracks, getting to hear a group like Phony Ppl brings back some hope. IDELY fits right into my life way too well right now. I seem to be running into way too many people that are just plain infuriating and well IDELY. Props to these guys and can’t wait to get to jam out to this song live. They also get some nice cameos from Theophilus London & Xaphoon Jones.