[Video] #FACTSONLY Interview With Jay Z

Y’all didn’t think YN was just going to sit back and let everyone but him get their one on one time with SC, did you? Rap Radar’s Elliott Wilson sat down with enigma Jay Z for an installment of “The Truth With Elliott Wilson” exclusively on Jay Z’s Life + Times YouTube channel.

In this two part #FactsOnly interview, Mr. Wilson picks Mr. Carter’s brain at the Yankees baseball museum inside Yankeees stadium before Hov’s “Legends Of The Summer” show alongside Justin Timberlake. In part one, the New Yorkers discuss the fruition of Magna Carta… Holy Grail, re-writing the rules in the music industry, his connection to NYC, and the new legends.  In the second installment Jay speaks about the competitiveness in hip hop, his responsibility to managing young athletes, and his thoughts on the Trayvon Martin verdict.

Throughout the interview Jay is earnest, brutally honest, and seemingly comfortable – sharing vignettes of his life and declaring his reign over the multiple facets of business including music and sports management. Though Jay is typically meek and sarcastic in interviews, tip-toeing around questions he doesn’t feel like answering, he divulges information and gives the viewer a sincere glimpse of himself as a man, husband, father, and artist.

Check out the #FactsOnly interview below. Shout-out to Elliott Wilson for this!

Jordhan Briggs

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