Kanye West, A$AP Rocky, Fat Joe, DJ Khaled, Diplo, Hit-Boy

Last week Kanye West dominated the music world by releasing a new record seemingly out of nowhere in the form of “Theraflu”.  The song was pretty much a gloves-off, chest clearing type of record, with West going at Peta, representing for Chicago hoods, and declaring his love for Kim Kardashian.  The record was produced by Hit-Boy, who spoke with MTV about creating the song, giving it to DJ Khaled, and hearing the record for the first time just shortly before Funk Master Flex debut it on the air.  Watch the short interview below.  Also, check out the photo above taken over the weekend.  Kanye, A$AP, Diplo, Fat Joe, Hit-Boy and more were in the studio over the last couple days. I’m sure new shit is in the works.