[Video] Lili K. and Peter CottonTale: “One Mo’ Time” Live at Truth Studios

Lili K. and Peter CottonTale linked up in Truth Studios in LA earlier this year to shoot a live performance of “One Mo’ Time” for Acoustic Sessions. Peter’s skills on the keys, best demonstrated while touring for Chance the Rapper’s Social Experiment Tour, combined with Lili K’s smooth, jazzy voice come through with a tune perfect for a rainy day.

The live performance is sultry and surprising. Lili K’s modest apparel masks the sensuality that takes over right as she begins to sing. The innocent affection the song introduces calms similarly to a lullaby, but as “One Mo’ Time” resumes, the desire Lili croons about takes a bolder curve. The synthesis of her vocals with Peter’s keyboard playing quickly transitions the vibe from chaste and playful to stimulating passionate sexy-eyes. This is a performance where Peter’s rabbit ears are off, so we know the song means business.

“One Mo’ Time” is the first official song off of Lili K. and Peter CottonTale’s next project expected to be released later this year. The live showing of “One Mo’ Time” is a feel-good session, extending the tranquility it provokes far beyond LA and Truth Studios. Give “One Mo’ Time” your time and check it out in the video down below.

Aleksandra Pavlovic

Aleksandra Pavlovic is a Chi shorty who writes for VRLX Mag, studies at Beloit College, and enjoys Mexican food. Her interests also include Vince Vaughn, good jokes and German Expressionism.

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