[Video] Lucki Eck$: “Everything Out$ide”

Lucki Eck$ is in a hot-streak right now, this kid is doing all the right moves at the right time and the quality of his music backs-up all the buzz he has attained in less than a month. He’s truly taking the game by storm while approaching the genre from a very unique standpoint, Alternative Trap is starting to feel more and more as a real movement and not just something a teenager simply decided to name his mixtape after. Of course, to have a movement, a strong core of people who will invest 100% of their time to see it come to fruition is also needed. For Lucki, the Out$iders Clique is exactly that and he reps it everywhere, especially in his latest video, “Everything Out$ide”, which is an ode to the crew.

Elevator did a great job giving the visual a grimmy feel, but keeping their professional look intact and drawing a lot of similarities to Lucki’s music. Check out the video below and be sure to wish the emcee a happy birthday tomorrow. The homie is turning 17 in the biggest way possible, congrats!



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