[Video] Lupe Fiasco: “Old School Love” (Feat. Ed Sheeran)

Lupe Fiasco has become one of the more polarizing figures in hip-hop today. At once inspiring and hard to understand, the Chicago MC has made a name for himself as a highly-conscious, progressive artist since releasing Lupe Fiasco’s Food & Liquor in 2006. A bristling run through the label game, Fiasco has lately been found launching assaults on Twitter, walking off festival stages and generally bad-mouthing the president when available. For all that has made Lupe harder to appeal to a more mainstream crowd, it still is refreshing to see him reclaim the voice that launched him to the top during the last wave of artists to emerge from Chicago in Kanye’s wake. In “Old School Love” Lupe glosses on life growing up in Chicago before people from outside it regularly chanted “Chiraq” and the murder stats weren’t the main number Chicago was known for. Ed Sheeran does his thing in adding the pathos the song needs to full transcend from a typical memory lane track. The song is off Lupe’s upcoming Tetsuo & Youth EP, due out in early 2014.

Jake Krzeczowski

Jake Krzeczowski is a writer based in Chicago. Since graduating from the University of Iowa in 2012 he has written for the likes of The Chicago Sun Times, Complex Magazine, and Elevator Magazine.

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