[Video] Marrow: “Two”

Photography by Nolis

For Liam Cunningham, Macie Stewart, and Lane Beckstrom, the past few months have felt like a strangely familiar walk around the block. Since leaving their previous project, Kids These Days, and picking up drummer Matt Carroll though, the three close knit friends have been slowly building steam after re-establishing themselves with a new band; Marrow. The four Chicago natives have spent the time since KTD broke up in June writing incessantly, playing gigs both big and small, and practicing in Cunningham’s living room, cluttered with instruments, chords and pages of half-finished songs.

Never one to do things traditionally, Marrow wanted to make a statement with their debut video for the group. Turning to seasoned director and close friend, Austin Vesely, they shot a video that encapsulates the personality of the individuals and the group as a whole while seemingly subliminally explaining the underlying thoughts and feelings that come along with going through the kind of tumultuous year much of the band has endured in 2013. “I worked a lot with Liam to figure out what direction we wanted to go with it,” said Vesely. “I had this idea for a train, and an abandoned farm, so we sort of put those pieces together and made it about a journey. We were talking a lot about Kubrick at the time–we even went to see The Shining in theaters– so that was a big influence on the project. We wanted things to start typical and achieve a surreal, dreamlike feeling by the end.”

The visual also appropriately straddles a pair of songs from Marrow, (“She Chose You” & “Mother of Maladies,”) set to the journey of Liam finding his way on a train before arriving in the countryside. It’s an artistically interesting piece of work that is a testament to the kind of stuff Vesely is capable of making, and Beckstrom’s job as a bell boy may have Hollywood calling soon. Anyway, take some time out of your day to sit and watch this fitting masterpiece for Marrow to re-enter the music video game. Also, be sure to catch Marrow next week in Chicago on 12/19 at Schuba’s for their album release show for their debut project, Two.

Jake Krzeczowski

Jake Krzeczowski is a writer based in Chicago. Since graduating from the University of Iowa in 2012 he has written for the likes of The Chicago Sun Times, Complex Magazine, and Elevator Magazine.

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