[Video] Piece of Cake: “Somebody”

Chicago-based duo Piece of Cake is planning to drop their EP this fall, and have recently debuted their video single “Somebody”. Piece of Cake consists of Brynn Bixby on vocals and piano and Mark Alletag on keys, collaborating to produce a soulful track that juxtaposes the doubt and reclusion sequestered in the coldest of seasons with human strength and resilience.

The combination of Brynn’s striking red hair and her soothing vocals, along with visuals of crisp white snow, provide for a serene depiction of a season that to many is anything but. The video is “Piece of Cake” sweet, but sprinkled with toppings ranging from loneliness and insecurity. Eat your heart out down below, and keep a look out for the duo’s EP later this year.

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Aleksandra Pavlovic

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