[Video Playlist of the Week] Seven Tours in Support of Decade-Old Albums

Recently, more and more bands have been reuniting for the [insert number here] anniversary of their most successful, or most popular, album. In retrospect, everyone always wishes they could’ve been there to see the album played live when it came out, but let’s face it; time travel isn’t a thing, so this is your best bet. Get your credit cards ready: this is a list of upcoming tours in 2015 for bands supporting or reuniting for the 10th anniversary of your favorite record.

Cartel – Chroma [tickets]

Without a doubt the band’s best album. The group released a statement saying how they weren’t ashamed to jump on the anniversary band wagon and that’s just the way it should be because this album deserves another tour.

Motion City Soundtrack – Commit This To Memory [tickets]

Lead singer Justin Pierre has rocked the same haircut for more than 10 years, but more importantly, what importance would it have in the scene if no one ever heard Commit This To Memory? Luckily for you, the band is still on tour in support of their decade old, pop-punk staple with William Beckett and Brick and Mortar.

Alkaline Trio – their whole discography [tickets]

While Crimson is turning 10 this year, it’s not stopping Alkaline Trio from playing their whole discography (eight albums) in eight different cities. Whether this means another Alkaline Trio album is in the works or singer Matt Skiba is leaving indefinitely to join slightly-defunct Blink-182 as Tom DeLonge’s replacement, these shows are must see for Hot Topic regulars from the early 2000s (AKA everyone who listens to Alkaline Trio).

H2o – their entire discography, 20th anniversary shows [tickets]

H2O Show Flyer

The grandfathers of PMA have decided to play their entire catalog in their hometown of Brooklyn, New York for three nights as well as the windy city of Chicago. The shows will be small, but so worth the travel to see FTTW and Nothing To Prove played in their entirety. Not to mention, not one, but two albums will be played each night.

Mae – The Everglow [tickets]

Mae were more of an underground, soft pop-punk band from the early 2000s, but their 2005 album The Everglow was one everyone in the scene knew about.

Hawthorne Heights – The Silence In Black And White [tickets]

No other song in 2004 resonated with such quote-worthy notoriety than Hawthorne Heights’ “Ohio Is For Lovers.” Other than the pretty bleak lyrics, it made teenagers proud to have their heart in Ohio.

Silverstein – Discovering The Waterfront [tickets]

silverstein discovering the waterfront

Giving their decade old, post-hardcore sophomore record Discovering The Waterfront a last hoorah that ends in Australia this year. The band just finished their U.S. leg of the tour.

Honorable mentions:

The Wonder Years – Since being a band [albums in their entirety for three nights]

The Wonder Years marked their survival of a whole decade filled with old pizza and sappy breakups by playing three shows in their hometown of Philadelphia.

Blink-182 – Untitled [three night show in 2013]

In 2013, Blink-182 celebrated their last album before their first hiatus in 2003 by playing the Untitled album for three dates in Los Angeles.

Say Anything – …Is A Real Boy, Saves The Day – Through Being Cool, Reggie & The Full Effect – Under The Tray [recently wrapped]

Say Anything recently wrapped up their 10 year anniversary tour of their flawless record …ls A Real Boy with Saves The Day supporting the 10-year anniversary of their iconic album Through Being Cool. Oh, and Reggie & The Full Effect opened up for the two by playing Under The Tray in it’s entirety. This tour was like celebrating Christmas three times in one night.

Relient K – Mmhmm [recently wrapped]

relient K tour

Relient K just got off their anniversary tour for their junior record Mmhmm.

Taking Back Sunday – Tell All Your Friends

If you were a teenager in the early 2000’s with a Myspace, you had a song from TAYF as your profile song. Props to you if you were able to live out your 8th grade dreams of seeing TBS sing “Cute Without The ‘E’” or “There’s No ‘I’ In Team.”

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