[Video] Schoolboy Q Performs Everywhere In Support of “Oxymoron”

If you haven’t heard already, the second wave of TDE just crested and is currently flooding the country with smooth, introspective new-age west coast gangsta rap, courtesy of the bucket-hatted Schoolboy Q. As casual as one can be stepping into the bright lights at the top of the rap world, Q has handled it gracefully thus far, and has been on a marathon pace of performing as of late. The 27-year-old father made recent stops on Conan, where he performed “Studio” with BJ The Chicago Kid, at Arsenio Hall where he killed “Man of the Year” and then, the other night, in a parking lot outside a Hooters from the top of a tour bus with Mac Miller he did “Yay Yay” at a pop-up concert across the street from the Staples Center in Los Angeles. All that on top of the release of Oxymoron isn’t bad for a week’s work. The live backing band is on point in both late night show performances and the energy at the pop-up show is just an inkling of the power hold TDE has over the genre of hip-hop today. Schoolboy Q hits the Wilbur Theatre in Boston, MA on March 2 to kick off the “Oxymoron World Tour”. Check out the videos below.

“Man of the Year” on Arsenio Hall

“Studio” on Conan

“Yay Yay” in a Hooters parking lot with Mac Miller

Jake Krzeczowski

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