[Video] Tera Melos: “Weird Circles”

Tera Melos has gone through a few large changes since the band formed in 2004. Originally a 4-piece instrumental math-rock band, the band has evolved into a 3-piece with the addition of vocals from guitarist Nick Reinhart. I admit, I wasn’t a fan of everything that followed after the IDIOMS EP, despite being a huge fan of Tera Melos and Drugs to the Dear Youth, two albums I still listen to on a regular basis.

However, I did decide to give them another shot with their video for “Weird Circles” from their latest album, X’ed Out. The abstract video shuffles through scenes of controlled randomness, from The Muppets‘ Animal making a cameo while somebody destroys a guitar on a fire hydrant in the background to a TV burning on fire while Nick sings on-screen. The added vocals are still gonna take a little getting used to, but Tera Melos is definitely the type of experimental band everybody should check out at least once. After all, they were once named the craziest live band in America at one point in time.

Chicagoans can catch Tera Melos at this year’s Wicker Park Fest on July 27th.


Geoff Henao

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