[Video] The Walking Dead Season Two gameplay teaser

Riding high off of the show’s popularity, as well as their own popularity with the resurgence of adventure games with their previous releases of Sam and Max and Back to the Future, Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead not only stayed true to the comic book, it further popularized both the adventure game genre and proved that episodic video games can, in fact, be successful. How successful, you ask? Telltale revealed yesterday that The Walking Dead sold over 21m individual episodes across both the five episodes that made up Season One and the transition episode, 400 Days.

Not a company to simply rest on their laurels, Telltale also released the first gameplay teaser of The Walking Dead: Season Two. Not much is revealed, but the nature of the series relies on the mystery and surprise that each episode offers. However, what has been confirmed is that Clementine, Season One‘s main minor character, will in fact be playable this season. Considering everything the young girl faced, it’ll be interesting to see if she’ll be compelling enough to play as in comparison to Season One‘s protagonist, Lee.

The Walking Dead: Season Two‘s first episode will be released later this year. Season passes will run for $22.50, while individual episodes will probably run for the standard $4.99.

[via Destructoid]

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