After reading the gruesome and deadly headlines following Memorial Day Weekend in Chicago, Seven1 decided to do something.  The emcee from the South East side recorded a new song, “Death of Drilling”, a record that puts Chicago violence and music under a microscope in an effort to get people to think about their actions, and ultimately act more responsibly.  The song got a lot of attention, and some took it as a diss directly towards artists such as King Louie, Chief Keef, and others who make music detailing a darker side of the Windy City.  But Seven1 says those who believe that aren’t really listening. He’s not attacking any artists, but moreso asking listeners to listen more carefully and distinguish between deeds committed on wax and the ones in the street.

Seven1 made a video for “Death of Drilling”, and while I don’t usually post video trailers, this is an exception. I had the chance to sit in on a session with Seven1 last week and interview him as well. I think he’s a very important artist and is about to take off.  Watch the trailer below, and look for the feature tomorrow.