[Video] Typical Cats: “Reflections From The Porch”

You may or may not be a fan of the legendary Chicago group Typical Cats, but one thing you definitely can’t do is deny their passion for the craft of emceeing. They love the Hip-Hop culture and always put the art ahead of the gimmicks other rappers prioritize in their music. That’s why songs like “Reflections From The Porch” are able to hit a listener’s soul the way most (if not all) of the songs played in the radio fail to do miserably. Qwa is brutally honest in this Natural-produced joint and you can actually feel all of the feeling the emcee is trying to convey and that stays with fans much longer than a catchy-hook or Top-40 production.

The video for the single (which you can find on their latest album 3) hasn’t been out for a week, yet it already has more than 4k views with little exposure from blogs which proves that growing your fan-base organically via good and authentic music is much more important than getting on any blog.



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