[Video] Vic Mensa: “Did It B4” + KTD Breakup

Vic Mensa was arguably the first artist from this booming Chicago generation to obtain national attention when he released his debut EP Straight Up, a couple of years ago. Now that everybody is trying to share the spotlight, Vic felt fitting to remind you all who paved the way with this new video/single entitled “Did It B4”. The SaveMoney emcee murked the track with straight raps and no fillers, while director Austin Vesely brings the eccentric and edgy feeling the song transpires through a visual perspective.

On a sad note though, today was officially announced the Kids These Days break-up. Vic talked to XXL about the split:

It’s never going to be an “I hate you” type of situation. For the most part it’s a happy settlement. There were certain moves made by some people that weren’t all the way stand-up moves, but at the end of the day there isn’t really any bad blood. It’s not like I can’t be in the room with everybody in the band, and I wish everybody the best. But the band breaking up wasn’t my ultimatum, I didn’t bring that to the table, but once it was brought to the table it kind of opened up a world I’d already been living in in my own head for a while. I just see it as a great opportunity. Kids These Days was great and it was a lot of fun, but now I want to do something different.

We wish everyone involved in KTD the best of luck in any future endeavors and hopefully we’ll hear more from them individually soon!



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