[Video] Vic Mensa x Damon Albarn: “Clint Eastwood” (Live)

Header photo by Derek Brad

Damon Albarn and Vic Mensa tag-teamed the stage on day one of Governors Ball in New York City, performing a live rendition of the Gorillaz classic “Clint Eastwood.” This performance was a big moment for Chicago, seeing their up-and-coming rapper share the spotlight with a music legend, but an even bigger moment for Vic himself, whose performance with Damon was a celebration of his 21st birthday.

Vic contributed to the piece with an improvisation on Del Tha Funky Homosapien’s verse, referencing Nick Cannon, Mariah Carey, and OutKast’s “Ms. Jackson.” However, the one celebrity he should’ve shouted out was Chris Brown for inspiring his blonde hair and the look he went for with his outfit that night. I’m Team Vic as much as the next Chicago hip-hop enthusiast, but I wasn’t feeling the new “post-Disclosure tour, eclectic zebra print couture,” especially during such a momentous sharing of the stage with an iconic performer.

While Vic’s eccentricity is one of his admirable traits, I would respect if his look was as consistent as his music. Although his grind is not fashion-oriented by any means, syncing up his outward appearance with the vision he’s crafting as a rapper would help the public better interpret his image and understand what he’s going for as an artist, thus making him more marketable. Then once he reaches the fame he’s aiming for, I’d say it’d be cool for him to pull out whatever kooky prints his heart desires (just as long as he keeps his hands to himself).

Aleksandra Pavlovic

Aleksandra Pavlovic is a Chi shorty who writes for VRLX Mag, studies at Beloit College, and enjoys Mexican food. Her interests also include Vince Vaughn, good jokes and German Expressionism.

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