Watch Chance The Rapper Drop Some Gems in New Interview with Peter Rosenberg

“If you care about humans, if you care about people, you just got to be on some real shit.”

Last night, Chance The Rapper joined Peter Rosenberg for the season finale of Complex’s Open Late. Speaking from CRC, wearing a Chicago Native hoodie, and fresh from a trip to the water park with is KOK campers, Chance spoke about a wide range of topics from new music to his social activism. Among the gems that Chance dropped, we have the knowledge that he’s going to work on a 7-song album with Kanye West next month, his long-awaited collab with Childish Gambino will be a proper full-length LP, and he’s most fascinated with how to release music in 2018.

Chance also spoke about police brutality, and the way in which institutionalized racism treats people unequally using an easy to understand analogy to the popular game Uno. “It’s easy to say ‘I love America,’ if you think of it like Uno. I could say, ‘I love Uno,’ but it depends on how I’m playing. If it’s easier for me, I don’t have to play by all the rules, then of course, I love Uno. But then when you start getting smacked with, ‘oh, you can only put down one card. You can’t stack a draw four, or you can’t skip me… When you actually have to play by all the rules and every tax and tariff applies to you, then… You don’t have any choice to play the game, but you feel differently about it.”

It’s a nice interview from Chance. Watch the full clip below.