Watch Jordanna’s Video For “Eu Quero Você”

If I were to describe Chicago singer/songwriter Jordanna with one word it would be silky. She makes dynamic songs that are sultry and smooth (not smooth like Kenny G but smooth like Aaliyah). Her music is confident while vulnerable. It is powerful and reserved. And because she showcases her complex range she makes some of the most relatable music around.

Her latest song “Eu Quero Você” is another prime example of her honest approach to love and sensuality. The video shows Jordanna and other sirens on the Island of Capri – a historically safe space for LGBTQIA travelers and home to an infamous lesbian colony – in tall grasses, water and silk. The video is in black and white which is interesting because the subject matter is all so sensual, but the lack of color removes the viewer from reality one step further, creating an ethereal detachment that heightens the fantasy of it all.

The video was created by Juliet Cangelosi, Melissa Fandos, and Jordanna. Check it out.

Stephen Kaplan