Watch The New Video From Jon Jame$: “My Phone”

Jon Jame$ is one of those artists who should release as much of his music as possible in music video form. That’s no knock on the audio or recording quality of his raps, it’s more so props on his larger than life persona and how it truly comes to life via the visual format. Jon is an artist we’ve known for years, going all the way back to ’09 and “I Just Want”. The Milwaukee-born emcee and TREATED member (and Sean CK favorite) has been promising an album for years, and hopefully it will finally come to fruition in ’18. More certain though is a new mixtaep, Thuggin Out N Public, which has a drop date of 4/23. Peep the video and enjoy.

Alexander Fruchter

Original co-founder of RubyHornet. President of Closed Sessions