WebsterX Starts His Restless Summer With “Feels”

WebsterX just dropped the first song of his Restless Summer titled “Feels”. This summer the Milwaukee MC will release a new single every other week along with a slew of performances.

“Feels” is a three part criticism of the state of the world, the first verse is a general approach starting with the line, “everything feels so basic, everything feels so racist, everything feels so vacant, everything feels so makeshift, everything feels complacent”. He continues to talk about the surface level, coming after social media and article culture. On the second verse WebsterX wonders why people can’t form their own opinions before an abrupt stop in the song leading to the bridge/third verse. On the third verse he offers a different perspective, a more positive or hopeful view that he juxtaposes to the first two verses, making the “all my dogs move in stealth” line in the chorus mean even more, the stealth comes from a different world view that they are able to keep, even in a tumultuous world.

Stream “Feels” below and stay on the look out for more releases through out the summer.

Stephen Kaplan