A month ago, we introduced the world to 100Trill, a duo formed between Grade Aplus and MikeJaxx, with their song “’93.” Over the past month, the duo have added a third member, WHITE-OWL, to fulfill their wishes to bring a full hip hop experience where the DJ is an equal part of the equation. WHITE-OWL, whom some might recognize as Cadillac Duke‘s DJ, has over a decade of turntable experience under his belt. He’s also not against scratching, which I personally consider to be a lost art of DJing.

“WAX TRAP VOL. 3 (TURNT UP EDITION)” is a good example of WHITE-OWL’s DJing abilities. He chops together everything from The Pharcyde’s “Passing Me By” to a trap remix of “Suavamente,” in the mix. You can check it out below, and if you find yourself getting “TURNT UP” to WHITE-OWL’s mix, you can catch him DJing a set this Saturday at Beau Monde’s “Inside the Vault” art show featuring art from Know Passion, Lefti, Derrick Baker, Robert Bank, and my LOD brother ABC Kills.

beau monde