O.T.T.R. Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y

“Them whack fools had it, but this here is the take back, and the haters can’t hate that.”

A power trio of the new class joins forces for “O.T.T.R.” (Off To The Races).  The song is billed as Wiz Khalifa featuring, so it may be on whatever is next for the leader of the Taylor Gang.  Curren$y turns in my favorite verse, but this song is very dope overall.  Grab it below.



Wiz Khalifa: “O.T.T.R” feat Curren$y and Big Sean

[audio: http://rubyhornet.com/media/rh/music/wiz_khalifa_OTTR_f_Curren$y__Big_Sean.mp3|width=180]

via 2dbz