WrestleMania 31: Results and Match Reviews

As noted in our WrestleMania 31 preview, the build to this year’s big event was lackluster at best. Stories weren’t told well, heat and interest for most of the matches was poor, and the main event between Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns had a potential to turn into an ugly disaster.

Yet WrestleMania 31 delivered for the most part, and had some surprisingly entertaining segments and guest appearances. The finish to the main event was a great swerve as well, and something that wrestling fans will be talking about for a while.

(The less said about the Kid Ink, Skylar Grey, and Travis Barker performance the better, though. I feel bad for them performing for an apathetic crowd of 76,976* that just wanted to watch some hypermasculine theater and stage combat.)

Let’s go through WrestleMania 31 match-by-match and give the full card a rundown.

*That’s the WWE’s attendance count, so it’s probably inflated by at least 6,000

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