WWE Battleground 2015: Results and Match Reviews

WWE Battleground 2015 will probably be notable as a SummerSlam set-up rather than its own decent PPV event. The card was pretty solid overall, yet I couldn’t help but feel a strange middling quality to Battleground. Looking at the main event, the John Cena vs. Kevin Owens rematch match, and the debut of NXT women’s talent on the main roster, I felt like I’d watched good work but know everyone involved is capable of much better. They’re probably all saving it for SummerSlam next month, which is the #2 show of the year. That’s fine. Besides, it’s just Battleground, and the next few weeks of TV should be interesting.

As you probably know by now, The Undertaker is back, and he’s got his eyes on Brock Lesnar. Also, The Undertaker is looking his age, and a bit like Rip Torn, for that matter. As Normal Mailer learned while making Madstone, Rip Torn fights dirty. Truly, Rip Torn is just the type of crazy son of a bitch who’d run in during the main event of Battleground 2015. If Rip Torn runs in during SummerSlam 2015, it will be one of the best pay per views of all time. (Sorry, WrestleMania X7.)

Let’s go through the Battleground 2015 card match by match.

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