WWE Money in the Bank 2015: Results and Match Reviews

The passing of Dusty Rhodes last week lent a tinge of sadness to WWE Money in the Bank 2015. In the pre-show, Renee Young was so moved by a tribute to Rhodes that she sobbed her way through the script. At the start of the event, the WWE roster assembled beneath the TitanTron as they tolled the bell 10 times for everyone’s favorite common man.

The sincere emotion was one of the most memorable things about Money in the Bank 2015. It was a generally all right pay-per-view with one very good match and one potential Match of the Year. The solid in-ring work in two other bouts was marred by bad finishes. In fact, there was a stretch of three screwy finishes in a row, which no doubt disappointed the Columbus, Ohio crowd. (They were probably extra-sore when they heard about the NBA Finals during the main event.)

If anything, Money in the Bank 2015 was a better show than Elimination Chamber 2015 and Payback 2015, but still a kind of also-ran in the monthly pay per view slog. At least it wasn’t a glorified episode of Raw.

Let’s go through the Money in the Bank 2015 results before a computer takes your place, daddy.

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