Akon’s Solar Academy Could Bring Electricity to 600 Million People in Africa


Akon is taking some time off from “Smack(ing) That” to revolutionize the way in which Africans live. Last year, the singer/rapper launched the charity “Akon Lighting Africa” to bring solar-powered electricity to 11 countries throughout Africa. That feat alone is enough to marvel at, but the musician has his sights on a larger goal: bringing electricity to 600 million people in Africa.

To accomplish this, Akon has opened a Solar Academy in Bamako, Mali to train and educate engineers on how to utilize solar energy. Akon Lighting Africa co-founder Samba Baithily told Reuters, “We have the sun and innovative technologies to bring electricity to homes and communities. We now need to consolidate African expertise.”

In a video released last month (which you can watch below), some of the benefits of solar lights in the aforementioned 11 countries were demonstrated, including providing lighting at night-time which curbs violence, allows merchants to extend their hours, gives children more time to study, and much, much more.

[via The Independent]

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