Disney Developing Live-Action Dumbo Remake

It’s been 73 years since Disney’s classic film Dumbo was released. If you’re in the small minority that’s always wondered what a live-action remake of the film would entail, worry no longer! Considering Disney has already dipped into the live-action remake (somewhat) with this year’s Maleficent and is already in production on a live-action remake of Cinderella, it was only a matter of time before they began to find inspiration from other classic Disney films… but Dumbo?!

What’s more interesting about this live-action Dumbo remake is that the script is being written by one of Transformers: Age of Extinction‘s writers, Ehren Kruger. Kruger will also be co-producing the film with Oblivion‘s Justin Springer. Dumbo will obviously be remade in CGI, but will he be rendered realistically or in a more stylized style? Furthermore, the shape of the story might be a bit different than the classic film’s, as The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that the remake will add “a unique family story that parallels Dumbo’s story.”

Is nothing sacred? It’s only a matter of time before The Lion King gets a live-action remake… which might actually be a good thing if all of the characters are just humans in body paint a la the Broadway show. What do you guys think about a live-action Dumbo film? Let us know!

[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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