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Helluva Year: Chicago Hip Hop Artists That Ruled 2012

 Helluva Year: Chicago Hip Hop Artists That Ruled 2012

Looking back as we look ahead, it’s hard to deny the year that was in Chicago Hip Hop 2012.  Many artists took major strides, and the country finally heard what we’d been saying for years, “Chicago is the best place for Hip Hop music.”  I wanted to do some kind of 2012 wrap-up piece to compliment The Come Up article.  The site being hacked threw a couple things off course, but I figured better late than never and present this article on artists that ruled the last 12 months.

In the next pages I offer a short synopsis on the groups and solo artists that made 2012 such a memorable one.  There are many others that are deserving of these pages, but I’m only one man and it’s getting late.  If there’s someone I missed, shout them out and post them in the comments.


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