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Introducing The Mophie Space Pack

Introducing The Mophie Space Pack

The iPhone has a sleek design and aesthetic appeal, but with its good looks comes the need for protection. It only takes one bad drop for the device to shatter and completely ruin your day. I’ve been a fan of Mophie since I first heard of the company, and their case’s provide protection and charges my iPhone when I need it most.

Now they have created another case to solve another problem we face with the iPhone: lack of storage. They have introduced the Mophie Space Pack that not only provides extra battery life, but extra storage with either a 16GB or 32GB case to choose from. There’s no need to trash your photos, videos, games, or apps anymore because just save everything to the space pack. With the accompanying app, you’ll have an easy to use file management system in the palm of your hand. With Airplay and Airdrop integration, you can easily access any kind of file at anytime which is a pretty sweet feature. The Mophie Space Pack is available for pre-order at $149.95 (16GB) and $179.95 (32GB) with shipping to begin mid-March of this year, so check out Mophie for more info here.

[Via Mophie]



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