[Video] Create Your Soundtrack With The Jalapeno Beat Maker

In this day and age, there are so many tools out there to help you create the music that is trapped inside your head become a reality. Whether it’s machines or software, there is something for everyone who has the need to create music, and now there is another option: The Jalapeno Beat Maker. The name fits the product because it really resembles a jalapeno, but also wants to help you create a soundtrack to your life.

The device is built to respond to your movements when you’re engaged in activity such as snowboarding, skiing, or skating. What the Jalapeno does is remix music as you ride and do tricks, letting you mix up to four layers from Beat Farm’s music library with tracks from your library or ones your created yourself. The device attaches to your board or yourself, wherever you want to put it, and creates mixes as you hit the slopes or while you have an intense dance session. If you’re in the market for a beat maker or just want to try something like this out, head on to the project’s Kickstarter for more info here.

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[Via Beat Farm]

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