Joz – Blue Line EP

A RH favorite, Joz is a young singer from Minnesota, her EP “Blue Line” has finally released after a lot of anticipation following her outstanding single “Parties”. Needless to say the EP is fantastic, completely self produced and written, Joz has established herself as someone who is self reliant in her output. As a result, a unified vision of chill personal music washes over you like a tidal wave on “Blue Line”.

My personal favorites include: “Goat” which has a heavenly bass line and chords that match the tone of Joz’s voice perfectly. “For The Better”, is a more uptempo track led by an engaging hi hat line and cathedral like vocals that feel larger than life with fantastic harmonization that sends the song off. And finally “Parties”, a very introspective song that has a unique vantage point of how the socially anxious feel at gatherings of extroverts.

As far as debut projects go this is one of the better offerings I can remember. Joz is certainly an artist to watch for 2017. Stream Above.


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