Mark One’s New Carbon Fiber 3D Printer

Mark One’s New Carbon Fiber 3D Printer

I’ve always been curious about what it would be like to own a 3D printer and all the possibilities one could make with such a machine. With that being said, Mark One has introduced a printer that is said to be the first to print composite materials. Instead of simply printing parts made up entirely of plastic, this machine gives you stronger material options such as carbon fiber, fiberglass, nylon, and PLA. The machine looks like it’s built with quality in mind, and its price point seems to reflect that, coming in at $4,999 (which you can pre order here). If you need to print up things for the office or home, you might want to check out Mark One’s new carbon fiber 3D printer, because sometimes plastic stuff doesn’t cut it.

[Via Mark Forg3d]

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