Martin Scorsese to Reportedly Direct The Ramones Biopic

The Ramones

What happens when you combine an iconic director with an iconic punk rock band? We’ll find out in a few years as it’s being reported that Martin Scorsese (The Wolf of Wall StreetThe Departed, et al) will be directing a biopic on none other than legendary New York punk band The Ramones. No concrete information is available right now as Scorsese has a plethora of other projects currently in production. However, the prospect of a Scorsese-branded biopic on the godfathers of American punk rock is too good to pass up.

As noted by The Playlist, the biopic is part of some type of modern revival of the band that also coincides with “a book, a theatrical play, fashion tie-ins and much more.” Nothing is sacred, especially when it comes to the commercialization of music genres. Then again, The Ramones have always represented almost every young kid’s first entry into the punk rock spectrum, and Ramones shirts have been emblazoned across suburban Hot Topics for years.

I’m excited to see what Scorsese can do with this project, but keep me sedated until somebody picks up a biopic on Fugazi.

[via The Playlist]

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