Nick’s Top 10 Pop Songs of 2014


As a twenty-five year old, 6’3″ 300 pound Latino man, I know a lot about pop music. Forgoing what some would classify as “good” musical tastes, I grew attached to songs playing on the radio at a young age and the obsession grew with time. Now thanks to the internet, I’m more in tune with pop songs than ever. And thanks to that very same internet, popular music covers a wider ranger than ever with varying tones, subject matters, and butts.

Oh yeah, 2014 was the year of Da Butt. But let’s talk about that some other day. Here are my picks for the Top 10 Pop Songs of last year.

Nick Valdez

Nick Valdez is a second rate beauty queen who's dreaming of the bar scene. From graduating college, finding Bigfoot (by taking off his shoes), to writing about movies, he's been looking for that one special thing. Or cute girls. Whatever comes first, really.

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