[NYCC 2014 Photos] Run the Jewels at Adult Swim Tyrannic Maiden Voyage (10/11/2014)

[NYCC 2014 Photos] Run the Jewels at Adult Swim Tyrannic Maiden Voyage (10/11/2014)

Photos by Geoff Henao

As some friends know, I spent nearly 24 hours checking and refreshing Adult Swim’s New York Comic Con 2014 page so I could put down my RSVP for their “Adult Swim Tyrannic Maiden Voyage.” Basically, the voyage was a three hour cruise along the Hudson River that promised a live performance from a “secret musical guest.” Since Adult Swim’s inception, they’ve been linked with some amazing, talented artists, so anybody even tangentially related to Adult Swim would be of the utmost quality. Little did I know that the guest they got was none other than Killer Mike and El-P, better known together as Run the Jewels.

I’ve been to hundreds of shows over the past decade, yet none of them could compare to seeing Run the Jewels on a packed boat with friends, both old and new. Considering the crowd was made up almost primarily of comic book convention-goers, it was safe to say that the large majority of the crowd probably didn’t know who Run the Jewels were. However, by the end of their set, everybody was feeling them, and with good reason. Saturday was the first time I actually saw Killer Mike and El-P live, and given the circumstances surrounding the nature of their set, I don’t think any other time will compare to the magic I experienced on that boat.

Anyways, check out some of the photos I shot of Run the Jewels’ set below.


Geoff Henao

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