oddCouple – Feels Like (Feat. Jack Red)

oddCouple – Feels Like (Feat. Jack Red)

Good friends are hard to come by, cant nobody hold me down like this,
Real love is how we stay high, i’m making every night like this.

oddCouple is back with his longtime collaborator Jack Red to describe what real love “Feels Like”. The song is an upbeat head knocker that will get a pep in your step if you started off the day on the wrong side of the bed. Jack Red sings about how hard it is to find good friends and that no matter what differences you may have, things are always better when you put them aside to just enjoy the life you have. The content is uplifting, Sam Guenaldi provides a mean guitar solo at the end, and the production from oddCouple is some of my favorite yet from the Milwaukee producer. The melody is bright, the bass line is subtle but accompanies the groove perfectly, and the arrangement leads the listener into the chorus like a roller coaster building up in suspense, preparing to send you for the ride of your life.

So get out of that morning funk and see what it “Feels Like” to embrace the day!


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