Jemal Four – Take A Picture

A highly original song and video from newcomer Jemal Four I was impressed by the execution of the idea and concept for “Take A Picture”. Repping DIAL UP, his crew, the video (shot by Link Wolfe) takes place in Jemals head envisioning the antics him and his boys would be getting into if he wasn’t trying to smash this girl. In his fantasy he proudly exclaims to his girl “hey baby, you cool and all, but its 2017 and realistically I’m just trying to hang out with my N****s”, at which point his friends mob him and celebrate throughout the city.

Jemals bars are fresh and witty, he plays the cultural tropes surrounding young men, mobbing with friends, fake flexing and uses them as an ironic victory lap. Hilariously once he snaps back to reality Jemal tells his girl he was “tripping” and reverts right back to the boyfriend duties he seemingly loathed at first.

Watch for yourself above and get to know the DIAL UP crew.


He Put The Pussy On The Chainwax!!!