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RH Events: H-Plus Records Opening Party Tonight

h plus records opening party RH Events: H Plus Records Opening Party Tonight


Pat aka Schwerve moved from Oakland to Chicago this spring in hopes of opening a record store.  Hopes have become reality, and H+ Records will soon open its doors in The South Loop.  Pat just inked the lease at 730 S. Dearborn, just down the street from Jugrnaut, and is hosting a party tonight in the store’s empty space.  Says Pat

“Ahoy folks, been awhile.  In honor of putting name to lease, we will be throwing a little party in the future H+ Records store.  On Friday, 9/23, from 8pm to 12am, we will host a little event in empty and unimproved space.  There will be some booze, music, hopefully dancing, and the current vinyl inventory if you want to buy something.  Also there will be paint and other drawing implements to let you put whatever artwork you want on the walls.  I hope to see everyone there.”

We’re going to be doing a lot of stuff with H+ in the future.  Pat also has some copies of Closed Sessions: ATX on hand.  Come out tonight, pick up some vinyl, and meet Chicago’s newest independent record store.


730 S. Dearborn

1 block west of the Harrison Red Line

2 blocks south, 2 blocks west of the Lasalle Blue Line

3 blocks south, 2 blocks west of the Van Buren Loop stop





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