RZA Reimagines George Washington Painting, Directing Feature Film


For decades RZA has had his hands in all sorts of things from acting in movies developing scores for movies, and literature. More recently The RZA has got together with the art collective known as When Art Imitates Life to create “Victory or Death” (pictured above). Filled with 70 different Wu-Tang elements you can find RZA, ODB, and Gza. Personally I think I enjoy this piece much more than the original with President George Washington. With his hands in art now, the LA Times says that RZA is working on his very own film called “The Man With the Iron Fist”. The film is written and directed by him and produced by “Hostel” director Eli Roth. No word when the film is going to drop but keep your eyes open for it. Also, check out a close up of shot of the painting above right after the jump.

Source: Pitchfork


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