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SoundScape’s 10 Most Talked About Sessions of 2012

SoundScape’s 10 Most Talked About Sessions of 2012

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photo by Stefan Klapko

This week we’ve been dropping a couple year-end lists.  Rather than just list our favorites of 2012, we’ve been reaching out to others involved in the Chicago music scene, and asking them to contribute their 2012 best-ofs.  On Monday, we saw Austin Vesely give us his favorite videos and today we move along those same lines with this top 10 provided by Michael Kolar of SoundScape Studios. In this list, Mike breaks down his 10 most talked about sessions of 2012. This are not his favorite songs, but the ones he is asked about the most.  With artists ranging from Action Bronson to Lil’ Mouse, it is pretty eclectic.  Peep his words and his list below.

Words by Michael Kolar/@SoundScapeChi

I have been recording music in Chicago for well over 15 years. During this time, I have had the opportunity to work will all different types of artists. It has truly been a blessing that everyday I come to my temple of sound and offer up devotions to the music Gods.  Being in Chicago, most of the music I record is pretty damn good, some scares the shit out of me and others just leave me baffled.  The other blessing of recording music for a living is that people love to talk, analyze, and sometimes hate.  Anytime I run into people outside the studio, they always ask me about some record or video that came out of SoundScape. Some people get pissed at what I put out, while others love it. I am a firm believer in the 1st Amendment. No matter what type of music you make, if you are serious about your craft, you are my favorite type of client (regardless of skill). So here is list of the 10 most talked about sessions/records of 2012.  While artistically these may my not be my favorite ( but who cares what a bald, 33 year old white dude likes), these are the sessions that light up my twitter & get discussed over a beer outside the studio.

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Alexander Fruchter (DJ RTC) is a lifelong hip-hop head, writer, DJ, & former EIC of Ruby Hornet. He currently works at the indie label & management firm, Closed Sessions, and teaches music business & marketing at Columbia College.



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