Take The Portable Soundmatters Dash7 Speaker Anywhere

Whenever you travel, you have little options when it comes to listening to your music, having to rely on your headphones or the speakers on your laptop or smartphone. Speakers are always nice to have when you want to listen to your tunes when you’re outdoors or getting ready in the morning. Unfortunately, the speakers on your smartphone or laptop just don’t provide that good sound that many want, but there really hasn’t been a good portable option until now. The Soundmatters Dash7 Speaker is slim, weighing in at 7.1 oz and only 3/4″ in height, making it a nice portable speaker to take with you when traveling. It offers deep bass, a battery that lasts 12 hours, and can be used as a speakerphone for conferencing. The Soundmatters Dash7 Speaker costs $219 and is a nice speaker to have for people on the go. For more, visit Soundmatters here.

[Via Soundmatters]

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