The Best of Chicago ’09… Preview

Best of Chicago 09

Lupe Fiasco once said, “Really love my city, and I hope that G-D bless it.”  And bless he did, uh, musically at least.  While Chicago got dissed from the Olympic Committee, saw their parking meters jacked, and all around sports failures, at least the arts and culture scene put forth something to be proud of.  To celebrate the year that was in music, fashion, and culture, we put together a survey to highlight the best of Chicago 2009.  We invited a wide variety of our friends, colleagues, and associates to tell us their favorite artists, release, DJs, clubs, clothing brands etc from ’09, and before we publish the list, we want to give you an opportunity to get in on the action.   The categories are below, and if you’d like to chip in your two cents, all you need to do is send your answers to  The final list will be released later this week, so get cracking.

Also big shouts to everyone who returned their survey.

Categories (please keep it local to Chicago)

*Best Party series (Rehab, The Cooler, Dimes and Dozens etc)

*Best event/concert (Mikkey’s release party, Sprite Green events, Division Fest)

*Most productive artist (consistently putting out dope material)

*New on the scene (someone that you didn’t know last year, but know now)

*Best DJ (parties, clubs, mixtape)

*New on the scene DJ (DJ that made the most moves and moved up)

*Best album/mixtape (keep to local/indie releases)

*Fav place to see a show (what’s the best venue or fav spot to be)

*Worst place to see a show (what venue sucked, was always lame)

*Most productive clothing brand

*New on the scene clothing brand

*Best clothing collab

*Best music video (again, local/indie)

*Most anticipated for 2010 (what are you looking forward to?)

*Still waiting (artist that is stalling)

*Where The F**k did they go (who or what dropped off?)

*Most significant moments/developments (“oh wow moments”, things that will have lasting impact).

Sean CK

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