[Video] At Home With Earl Sweatshirt + “Chum” (Left Brain Remix)

Doris was my most anticipated hip hop album last year. I got swept up in the Odd Future hype just before Tyler, the Creator’s Goblin hit, so the years of pent-up anticipation surrounding the “mysterious” OF member’s debut was at an all-time high from independent blogs to major outlets. When Doris came out, it represented both what was expected of him, but also a (positive) departure from the young artist we were all introduced to on EARLDoris was best represented, in my opinion, by the album’s first single, “Chum,” introducing a darker, more personal side to Earl Sweatshirt that wasn’t apparent on EARL. For a Fader exclusive drop, OF producer Left Brain remixed “Chum,” which you can listen to below.

To further the Fader connection, the outlet has begun a video series entitled “At Home With” in which they follow an artist around in their abode, similar to MTV Cribs, albeit less flashy and unnecessary. The installment with Earl Sweatshirt illustrates some of the man behind the words as he gives insight to his life of full waste baskets, a walk-in closet full of skate shoes and shirts, exfoliating shower gloves, and some of his literary choices. You can check out the video below, as well.

[via The Fader]

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